The Mechanical Engineers' Association, IIT Madras is all set to unveil its premier spectacle, Mechanica in its all new avatar in 2014. Mechanica, the annual techno-managerial festival hosted by the department of mechanical engineering is celebrated in an earnest spirit to foster the seeds of mechanical engineering in the bright young minds across the country. It brings together the three pioneers of technological revolution- talented students, erudite professors and dynamic industries and strikes a perfect amalgamation among them, creating an environment that revels in ingenuity and allegiance.

Mechanica has always committed itself to unparalleled quality and this year, we intend to raise the bar with a more refined set of enthralling events, enchanting lectures and workshops that compel you to "IDEATE INNOVATE AND COMPETE". The events are meticulously structured to lend an additional dimension to the students, providing them a channel to unlearn and re-learn the subtleties of engineering by getting their hands dirty. Appreciating the pervasiveness of innovation across the spectrum of academic communities, Mechanica assembles a diverse ensemble of events catering to students across various domains alike.

We fervently hope that Mechanica-2014 overhauls the stupendous glory of its preceding editions for the better, breaking the shackles to set up new boundaries of innovation and serves to be yet another feather in the illustrious cap of Mechanical Engineering.


On behalf of the entire Mechanica team, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you and hope that you cherish each and every moment of your stay at the beautiful campus of IIT Madras. We, the Hospitality team at Mechanica have pledged to leave no stone unturned to ensure that your stay with us is enjoyable and comfortable.

Everyone willing to attend Mechanica 2014 must register in the website. He/She must fill the actual details in the registration form as in the college identity card.


The IITM campus:

1. Is 12 kilometers from Chennai Central Railway Station.
2. Landmarks: Guindy Snake Park and Adyar Cancer Institute are adjacent to the IIT Madras Main Gate
3. is opposite to Central Leather Research Institute campus
4. is near and opposite to Anna University


1. Local train: If you do not have heavy luggage, the MRTS Station called "Park Town" on the Beach-Velachery line, opposite to Chennai-Central station, is a good option. From there, you can take a train to Kasturba Nagar (Adyar) (which comes after the kotturpuram station) and reach for Madhya Kailash temple and then walk towards west on Sardar Patel Road to campus main gate. From the gate there are IITM buses to the hostels, every 20 minutes.
2. You can catch a bus just outside the Chennai Central. 18B and 5C are the direct buses to IITM (Get down at Gandhi Mandapam/IITM). From the gate there are IITM buses to the hostels, every 20 minutes.
3. Hire an auto/taxi to IIT Madras. You can catch institute buses from the IIT Madras main gate to control room. The fare will be roughly Rs.350-380 for a Taxi and Rs.200-250 for an Auto.


1. Catch 23C which heads directly to IITM. From the main gate there are IITM buses to the hostels, every 20 minutes
2. Local Train: Participants arriving at Egmore station can board a local train to "Chennai Fort" station (the second stop). At Chennai Fort station please change trains and board a train on the Beach-Velachery line and get down at "Kasturba Nagar Station". The main gate of the campus is at walking distance from the station.
3. The auto and taxi fares from Egmore are approximately Rs.200 and Rs.250-300 respectively.


1. Hire an auto/taxi to IIT Madras. Inside the campus, get down at the Hospitality Control Room
2. Bus: Catch PP21 directly to institute or 21G to Gandhi Mandapam which is near to the main gate. From the main gate there are IITM buses to the hostels, every 20 minutes.


1. You can catch bus number 23M or 5E which will drop you off near to the Institute main gate.
2. You can also hire an auto/taxi for a fare of around Rs.250/300 respectively. From the main gate there are IITM buses to the hostels, every 20 minutes.


The Hospitality team at Mechanica will be at your service to cater to all your doubts throughout Mechanica. Apart from our Control Room, the Hospitality Desk, which forms an indispensable part of Mechanica, will also be set up close to the festive area. It is the one stop center to answer all your queries. Registrations for a few events will also be done at the Hospitality Desk. For event registration at the Hospitality Desk, production of the Mechanica ID is mandatory. Also, you can approach the hospitality desk for other information like updates, event results, daily events, etc. The Hospitality Desk will be functional throughout the day froom 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.


First and foremost, please ensure that you register your team with the hospitality control room as early as possible to avail accommodation. In the absence of such registration we might not be able to serve you in any manner, and you might be forced to arrange for your accommodation outside the campus, causing you great inconvenience. Secondly, since our capacity is limited, the earlier you book your tickets and inform us, the better it will be for you.

Upon reaching IITM, you are required to come to the Hospitality Control room.This is where you will be getting accommodation and also the Mechanica Passport. Nominal charges for passport and accommodation will be collected here depending on the number of days you wish to avail the facility.
Please make note that you will be required to share the accommodation. Requests for individual rooms or any other complaints in this regard will not be entertained. Also the accommodation will be restricted only to the students. A maximum of one faculty member will be allowed who will have to share the accommodation with the students at the same charges. The participants are expected to follow certain rules and regulations to help us maintain the peaceful atmosphere in the institute. No transportation will be provided by the Hospitality team.

**All participants are required to carry their Photocopy of Mechanica ID and college identity card (original and one photocopy) in order to make avail of the above mentioned facilities
**Accommodation will be provided only from 21st to 23rd .


1. We shall provide you with mattresses.
2. At the time of checkout, the participants are required to return all the commodities provided to them.
3. Only those participants who have been provided accommodation will be allowed to stay.
4. Alcohols, Drugs and explosives of any kind are strictly prohibited inside the campus. Any item deemed unsafe will be prohibited.
5. Kindly keep an eye on your belongings. The participants are suggested not to bring any valuables. MECHANICA team or IIT Madras will not be responsible in case of any mishaps.
6. Participants are requested to bring their own locks preferably with multiple keys (3 or 4).


1. When can I enter the IITM campus?

The Institute main gate will be open at all times. You may enter and leave from the campus at all times. But, please make sure to carry your college id cards for the purpose of security check at the main gate.

2. What should I do after coming to the campus?

If accommodation is required, you are requested to come to the Hospitality Control room,directions for which will be displayed along the road and will be sent it to you prior to the Festival.

3. What should I bring with me?

1. It is mandatory for all participants to carry college IDs (Original and one photocopy), and the printed Mehcanica IDs-Which you can avail from your mail box.
2. Participants are requested to carry their own locks. Please make sure that the locks you bring has at least 3 keys.
3. Mattresses and pillows shall be provided to you if your accommodation is confirmed.

4. Will all the team members be given accommodation at the same place?

We will work for that; but we do not guarantee it. Keep in mind that the team members may have to share the room with members of other teams.

5. What about the dining facilities?

A variety of food stalls shall be set up in the heart of the festive area. There are other eating outlets in and around the campus like Cafe Coffee Day, Tiffanys Tiffin centre, Campus Cafe, IRCTC snacks area & Gurunath.

6. Is there any internal transport keeping in mind the huge area of the campus?

Internal transportation is available inside the campus in the form of buses that can be boarded at various bus stops located throughout the campus. The service starts from 6 AM and is up to 9 PM. The frequency of the buses is one in every 15 minutes. However, for buses towards Main gate, there will be a gap of 45 min after 1:30 PM.


For further accommodation and registration related queries, please contact us at reachout@mechanica.org.in or you can reach out directly to our hospitality team at the following numbers.

  • Mosi Kiran : +91-8940974860
  • Piyush : +91-9043810294
  • Rakesh : +91-9043807238
  • Dushyanth : +91-8695552363


You have to register for the festival through a two-stage process:

1. Pre-Registration (www.mechanica.org.in)
Everyone willing to attend Mechanica 2014 must register in the website by clicking on the "Register" button located on the right bottom of every page. He/She must fill the actual details in the form as in the college identity card.

  • Once you register and login in the website refresh the page by pressing F5
  • Once done refreshing you can see your username at the bottom panel
  • Click on it to get the registration details which you have to get printed and bring it to the festival along with the Xerox of your ID card.

2. Final Registration (After reaching the IIT Madras Campus).
On reaching our campus, report immediately to the QMS Desk ( if no accommodation is required) and collect your Mechanica Passport by presenting your college ID Xerox and printout of your Mechanica ID.

Participants wont be allowed to attend any Events, Lectures and Workshops without Mechanica Passport. Those who are willing to avail accommodation in IIT Madras Campus during Mechanica should directly come to the Control Room. Mechanica passports will also be provided there.

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